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All orders are processed through the website.


Payments are processed through the website ONLY! All purchases under $300, must be paid in full. Purchases over $300 require a 50% non-refundable deposit which is to be paid inorder to start your order. The balance is due after your order is complete.


It is to be understood that due to the nature of the services offered at The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), under no circumstance can a refund be given especially after work started and/or orders have been issued. My time is valuable and so is yours so please communicate professionally and responsibly of your design expectations. No refunds are given for any promotional sale prices. If for any reason client cancels services, no payment will be reimbursed. If a client becomes disrespectful or any oher negative behavior towards me, I reserve to right to cancel the project. There will be no refund if work has already started. If the work has not started, all payment will be refunded and you will no longer be able to work with me ever.


It is your discretion whether to cancel a service that has already been paid for. But it must be understood that payments received by The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), will not be refunded. If the customer has already received partial work and decides to cancel, the partial or full amount made will not be returned. The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab) shall maintain ownership of all projects, work will not be handed to the customer for ownership. If the project is nearing completion, ownership will be handed to the customer upon receipt of complete payment.


The client must deliver all project-related information on time. If you cause a delay, the completion date of your project will be pushed back. Clients must maintain contact, and if extra time is required to gather information, this must be communicated in conjunction with check-ins. If clients fail to communicate with the designer after 15 days there will be a $100 restart fee. Your project is forfeited after 30 days (1 month), and no refund will be offered. Your entire project will be cancelled!


The client has the right to terminate signed agreement if, The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), fails to fulfill service requests within the given turnaround time and not informing you. If the agreement is terminated for any reason from the client other than failure to deliver within the given turnaround time, The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), will keep the payment and cancel the order. The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), also has the right to terminate any agreement and retain payment if a client becomes verbally abusive, unreachable, procrastinates, and absurd.

This agreement can also be terminated byUnique Images By Chrissie for the following reasons:

1. Rejection of several designs without giving sufficient criticism or suggestions, leaving the designer to guess what they dislike (“I don’t know what is missing. I just don’t like it.”)

2. Requests features that were not in the original agreement, or on the original application process and then refuses to pay for extra services rendered.

3. Makes unreasonable requests, usually with delivery time.

4. Is unable to make decisions, forcing the designer to make constant changes to the design.

5. Overly-contact and harassment

In the event of termination of any agreement, The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab) owns the design and has the right to consummate, exhibit, and/or sell the design (not including business name). The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), owns all the design concepts engendered before the final design. The client understands that once the invoice is paid in full, the client has the right to utilize the design in all media subsidiaries for business promotion and that The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), reserves the right to exhibit the design for business promotional use.


Retainers: 7-10 Days Branding: 7-10 Days Graphic Services: 5-7 Days Business Essential: 7-10 Days Packaging: 7-10 Days Digital Content: 7-10 Days Ebooks: 4 Weeks Web Development: 4 Weeks It should be understood that depending on the workload, artwork may take less or more time than advertised. You will be notified if there is a significant delay to your project. I do not offer rush fees.


The Visionaire Lab (The V Lab), works consistently to get orders out. Please be advised there will be no constant contact once your order has been submitted or during the creation period of your design. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR ORDER IS NOT BEING WORKED ON, OR HAS BEEN OVERLOOKED. If you have any questions about your order during this time, no problem, simply email thevisionairelab@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to respond. Orders are created faster and better when there are no constant interruptions.